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Who we are  ...  

The Valiant Dance Band continued the tradition of distinctive English ceilidh bands from the Eastern counties.


The line-up of Katie Howson (melodeon), Liz Giddings (fiddle), Roger Digby (anglo concertina), Rob Neal (cello) and the late John Howson (banjo)  created a band that played unusual and danceable tunes with the conviction which only came from years of total immersion in traditional music. Over the years members have played in many of Englandís most influential ceilidh bands.

What we do ...

We played for English country dancing, usually known as a ceilidh or a barn dance, with an eclectic repertoire of polkas, jigs, scottisches, hornpipes and waltzes.  Due to the death of banjo player John Howson in June 2022 we are no longer taking bookings, though the rest of us are still musically active.


Where we do it ...

The Valiant Dance Band played for festivals, ceilidhs, barn dances, private functions, corporate events, weddings and parties. In fact any suitable engagement where English ceilidh music and /or dancing was appreciated.


What we don't do ...


We don't sing and we don't play Country & Western or 60s music. Well we might play some tunes from the 1860s!


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